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**Informational Notice** - The Ice Dam Crew does NOT hire subcontractors. We are a family owned & operated Ice Dam Removal company with a group of trained technicians based in Minnesota. No the price does not inflate if you are on the East Coast, West Coast or anywhere in the country. If you are having problems, your neighbors are likely having problems and we are more then likely nearby ready to serve you! Call now to speak with us! 1-833-ICE-CREW

How Do Ice Dams Form in MN and WI?

There is multiple reasons why Ice Dams form on building structures in the MN and WI metro areas. Two of the most common reasons are a lack of insulation and to much snow on your roof.

Most times when we get large amounts of snow or as we get enough snow built up over time the snow starts to cover up your vents. These roof vents you don't think about often but they are very important. As heat rises your roof needs to breath, these vents allow your roof to do that. Now if your vents are clogged the heat has no where to go, so then it starts to heat up your roof. Once your roof heats up the snow melts, as it reaches the 2' overhang on the edge of your home that is no longer heated it now freezes. Over days of this happening ice dams get large and start to hold water. Once there is to much water it breaks through your roof and you have an unwanted waterfall inside your home or walls.

Many times we are asked "Do you use True Steamers" &
"What is the difference between a Steamer & Pressure washer?"

Below we will show you why we use true steam to remove your ice dam and the real
difference between a pressure washer and a true steamer.

How would my wallet and I notice a diffance?

There are many reasons why The Ice Dam Crew uses a steamer to remove your ice dams in the MN and WI metro areas.

1. A steamer is low pressure & a Pressure washer is high pressure. This means we will not cut into your roof using a steamer and cause damage like a pressure washer would.

2. Steamers get much more hot than a pressure washer. Pressure washers used pressure to cut through the ice. This means we get done with the job faster!

3. Less water is used with a steamer so this means you save $$$ on your water bill!

What is the difference between a Steamer & Pressure Washer?

Whether you use The Ice Dam Crew as your Ice Dam Removal Provider in the MN and WI metro areas or not we want to make sure you know the difference!

There are three main differences that you need to know!

1. Steamers do not have triggers on the wand. This means steam is constantly coming out until the machine is turned off.

2. True Steamers do not have a colored tip at the end of the wand. These colored tips are for pressure washers only.

3. The amount of steam you see on your roof vs water leaking down your siding. Steam goes up and evaporates. Water will pour down to the ground and where does it go? Into your basement and creates bigger problems.

Many companies will try to convince you that their pressure washer is a steamer by saying it is "Custom" with colored tips to adjust steam and have triggers on their wand for "Safety" but how can you stop steam from traveling through your hose?

If you have any questions about our equipment or service please reach out to us. Whether you use The Ice Dam Crew or someone else we want you to know the difference!

Ice Dam Removal Process

  • Remove snow from the Ice Dam & Roof Vents
  • Apply a steam treatment to the affected areas
  • Carefully melt ice down into manageable sized pieces
  • Remove ice from the affected areas

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Before during & after photos of the removal process
  • Guaranteed leaking stopped after 30 mins after arrival
  • Gutters that flow as they should
  • Salted & Clear sidewalks & driveway

A Professional Approach to Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI Ice Dam Removal

It's no secret that Minnesota and Wisconsin can experience harsh, frozen winters and heavy snowfall. Don't risk roof or property damage to your home or office this season. Instead, turn to The Ice Dam Crew. We provide safe and effective roof ice dam removal and prevention services for homes and businesses in our community. Day or night, we'll come out to remove snow and ice from your roof and keep your building secure.
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Climbing up on your roof in the winter to remove snow or ice dams can be dangerous. Before you climb up on your steep roof to shovel, reach out to for Ice Dam Crew to:

Safely climb onto your roof and remove snow.
Make sure your chimney and attic vents are clear.
Remove ice dams without damaging your roof.

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, your roof is typically warmer than outside temperatures. So when snow or ice makes contact, it runs down your shingles and freezes once more at your gutter line. As the process repeats, a heavy ice dam accumulates. This triggers issues such as water damage, excessive roof pressure, and other issues. If you hear the drip, drip of water overhead when you walk outside, there's a good chance that your home is already grappling with an ice dam issue.

Ice Dam Crew is one of MN and WI's leading and trusted Ice Dam Removal companies. Ice Dam Crew is fully bonded and Insured for all residential and commercial properties. We are a family-owned company that guarantees to stop your leak within 30 minutes of arrival. We use low-pressure steamers that are custom-made for ice dams so they do not damage your roof. We do NOT use hot water pressure washers like most Ice Dam Removal companies do as these damage your roof and shingles when they blast 4000 PSI out of the tip of the hose and do not burn as hot as a true custom steamer. Please see our FAQ page to see the difference between our True Steamer and our competitor's hot water pressure washer.

Although Ice Dam Crew may not be the "Cheapest" company in the MN and WI metro areas. we guarantee customer satisfaction while still being fully bonded and insured.

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How do Ice Dams Form?

There are two main reasons Ice dams form in the MN and WI metro areas. Reason one is there is not enough insulation in your attic. This may cause your roof to heat up. When it is cold outside and your roof heats up this causes the bottom layer of snow to melt, once the running water reaches the overhang of your roof (Which does not heat up) it will freeze on the edge. Over time the ice will keep building up and then the water will have no place to go besides into your home and down your walls.

The second reason Ice Dams form is from having too much snow on your roof. Having a lot much snow on your roof covers your roof vents which release heat from your roof. When the snow is over your vents it acts as insulation on top of your roof keeping the heat in. In this case, it acts the same way as not having enough insulation, it will heat up your roof and cause the water to freeze on the edge of your roof. Clearing the snow off of your roof after each snowfall is very beneficial in preventing ice dams.
Have More Questions?

How do I Prevent Ice Dams From Forming in the MN and WI metro areas?

Preventing Ice Dams is much easier and more cost effective than needing to remove ice dams from your roof and possibly needing to do renovations from water damage.

Keeping the snow off of your roof is the best thing to do to for your roof when preventing Ice dams. How can ice dams form when there is no water on your roof to cause them?

Here are a few tips when removing the snow from your roof.
-If you choose to do it yourself always have safety gear when climbing onto your roof. Use chains for your boots, harness yourself so you do not fall, use a plastic shovel and not one with a metal tip and always shovel towards the ground so you do not tear shingles off of your roof.

-When using a snow rake to remove snow from your roof be sure to scrape all the way down to your shingles. Do not only remove most of the snow. When this happens the snow rake actually packs down the snow to your roof and this packed down snow turns to ice and in most cases goes up your roof much further. In most cases when this happens ice dams form the entire length of the area you shovel.

-Uncomfortable with this? If you need to hire a professional to remove the snow and ice from your roof be sure to find the right company. Check to make sure they are bonded and insured and when they are on your roof don't be afraid to ask questions to ensure safety procedures.

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How do I make my Minnesota Ice Dams go away?

Removing ice dams in a safe way does require a professional. There is many steps in keeping yourself and your roof safe from damage. Ice Dam Removal companies charge by the hour for their services.

Bonded and insured companies typically charge 300-500 per hour. Using an Insured company is important because standing on an icy roof in the middle of winter is risky. If someone falls and gets hurt or an ice chunk falls off of your roof and damages something but you didn't make sure they were insured you could potentially be sued or have to pay out of pocket to repair any damages.

Another factor in removing ice dams in an efficient way is using the correct equipment. The Ice Dam Crew uses true low pressure steamers and not hot water pressure washers. When you hire a company you can easily find out what kind of machine they are using. All you need to do is ask to see their wand. If it has a trigger they are using a hot water pressure washer. If it does not have a trigger it is a true steamer. Hot water pressure washers do not burn as hot as a true steamer and they create much more damage because they have such a high PSI. In the case that this happens tell them to leave and hire a company with a true steamer.

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